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25 Things My Husband and I Do to Maintain Our 300lbs Weight Loss

Handle my emotions with spirituality instead of with foods. e.g. Reading, praying, mediation, yoga, journaling

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How to See the Beauty in the Hardships of the Weight Loss Journey?

Dealing with the consequences of bad decisions is where hope lies. It is where you have the choice to get up and move forward in a positive direction based on righteous choices for your health, your body, and the world.

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3 Simple Ways to Stay True to Your Weight Loss Goals during the Holidays

Now imagine a 25 feet table in a banquet hall setting. Beautiful flowers, grand chandler, silk table cloths, a beautiful view of snow capped mountains as far as the eye can see, and Food! YES, THE FOOD!! All the food you can think of from one end of the table to the other. Now imagine there is no one there but you. It is so quiet. You can hear your echo bounce off the walls even at a whisper. You can hear the wind hollowing outside, and then there is stark silence, and you realize that it is just you! How happy would you be to indulge in the food? If the answer is not so much, then hold on to that thought when tempted to indulge….

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Why I do What I Do – with doTERRA?

Recently, I have partnered with doterra to bring better products and services to my clients especially those trying to lose weight, have better cholesterol, better blood pressure, and want support … Continue reading

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How to Tell Yourself NO and Support Yourself in Your Weight Loss Journey?

Some say incorporating small changes into one’s life is key to losing weight. I say the key is to THINK BIG! Making a radical change in your mindset and telling … Continue reading

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I saw GOD on my plate…. How Gratitude Help Me Lose Weight?

When I got to a place where I consistently ate only fruits, nuts, seeds, lean cuts of meats, and veggies, my iron drastically increased; my heartburn miraculously disappeared; and I never developed the peptic ulcers. I came to realization (after I noticed it had been weeks since I had even considered taking a Tums) that I feel good inside and out. In that moment, I saw God on my plate. He designed and gave us everything we need to sustain ourselves and to be the best person we can be.

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How to Shop for Weight Loss

One the most enlightening experiences for my clients is creating the categorized grocery shopping list. During or before our session, I have my clients create a personal shopping list (without … Continue reading

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