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25 Things My Husband and I Do to Maintain Our 300lbs Weight Loss

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1) Eat fruits, veggies, leans cuts of meats (if that’s your preference), and nuts daily.

2) Drink only water or tea-homemade tea, and avoid artificial sweeteners.

3) Yoga


5) Read Blogs and Newsletters for Inspiration

6) Watch YouTube videos on health, diets, weight loss

7) Develop a spiritual practice

8) Change my mindset towards food

9) Eat home cooked meals daily.

10) Read labels and only eat foods with ingredients that I can pronounce and recognize.

11) Google and Research strange ingredients.

12) Love the skin I am in.

13) Forgive myself when I fall off and start back up immediately if I fall off.

14) Try my best not to fall off.

15) Be very conscious of what I am eating.

16) Surround myself with like minded people: eating and lifestyle

17) Stay true to myself when I am around people who do not have the same eating habits and lifestyle as me.

18) Handle my emotions with spirituality instead of with foods. e.g. Reading, praying, mediation, yoga, journaling

19) Turn the TV when I see a fast food commercial or make fun of them. (Can I get diabetes with a side of heart attack and high cholesterol? Because that is exactly what is being advertised to us.)

20) Pick your favorite healthy food daily and work in other veggies and lean cuts of meat.

21) No fried foods and no condiments (mayo, butter, ketchup, salad dressings. Mustard is ok.) These a unnecessary and empty calories.

22) Enjoy experimenting with healthy recipes.

23) Find a hobby in your healthy lifestyle. My husband’s hobby is make Raw food pies, and mine is yoga.

24) Remind myself that food changes everything: mind, body, world. There is a lot of politics in food and you contribute to those politics every time you make a food purchase.

25) Remind myself that a healthy body allows me to live out my life’s purpose.

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5 comments on “25 Things My Husband and I Do to Maintain Our 300lbs Weight Loss

  1. Becca
    May 27, 2015

    Whoa, these are all really great tips! Congrats on your new and improved lifestyle! I totally agree that you have to surround yourself with like-minded people. It’s like if you are trying to come clean off of drugs, you aren’t gonna hangout with people who are still using drugs. You are gonna want to remove yourself from that situation so the temptation isn’t there anymore.

    Thanks for your inspiring words! I need to do better. Also, I think it’s really interesting that you talk about involving yourself in spiritual things. I LOVE THAT. Truly God wants us to be healthy so that we can fulfill our purpose here on earth. How have you seen God help you in your daily struggles with health?

    • Pearlie
      May 27, 2015

      First off, I would like to say, thank you for commenting, and yes you definitely have the ability and inner strength to take the right this healthy eating/health living journey.

      God has been and always will be my inspirational ROCK on this journey. I was ill when I was over-weight. I suffered with Acid Reflux Disease and Anemia. According to my doctor, I also had bacteria in my blood that would have caused me to develop peptic ulcers in the future. My doctor also suggested I cut out spicy foods; take iron pills; raise my bed to angle; and take pills for the heartburn. Raising my bed was impossible because it had drawers underneath which were physically attached to the bed, and the mattress weighed about 85lbs to 100lbs. I hated spicy foods so I never ate them. The constipation which were a side effect from the iron pills made me feel even worst. As a result, I refused to risk further damaging my body from side effects of the heartburn medication which were way scarier than constipation. Besides, I was already eating Tums like they were Skittles. (I had a bottle on my desk and on my nightstand. I ate them religiously- every single day.) Needlessly to say, her recommendations didn’t work for me. When I got to a place where I consistently ate only fruits, nuts, seeds, lean cuts of meats, and veggies, my iron drastically increased; my heartburn miraculously disappeared; and I never developed the peptic ulcers. I came to realization (after I noticed it had been weeks since I had even considered taking a Tums) that I feel good inside and out. In that moment, I saw God on my plate. He designed and gave us everything we need to sustain ourselves and to be the best person we can be.
      He was intentional and purposeful in his design, and if you stick to his order (key fundamental universal principles especially love and gratitude), you will see the wonders manifest in your life. Your karma will be beautiful. You truly reap what you’ve sown. Please know, it will not be hard to stick with these foods because you will be grateful for them and you will consider them added blessings to your life.

      This realization not only changed how I ate, but changed how I approached life.

      • Becca
        June 2, 2015

        Whoa, that’s crazy! Your story is incredible!

        I also believe that God has designed and given us the tools to be happy and healthy. He has given us the tools to lead happy lifestyles. I firmly believe that God DOES care what we do and consume with our bodies. Sometimes I forget that council and I find that I’m not as healthy or happy as God intends me to be.

        It’s crazy how much God loves us. Right now I’m actually serving a mission for my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I have been able to see people make changes in their spiritual health that has specifically affected their physical health. It’s awesome! In our church we believe that God still speaks to us today through His prophets, and that He has given us a code of health so that we can be both spiritually and physically healthy. If you would like, check out this video: Also, if you would like to know more check out this website: and scroll down to “Obey the Word of Wisdom”. I think you would really benefit from this information.

      • Pearlie
        June 2, 2015

        I am so glad you shared your story with me. I think it is wonderful that in this place in your life you are deciding to share it for the spiritual welfare of people. It is truly a selfless act.

        And yes, I can see that making changes spiritually can affect physical health. So many illness I think are a partly a result of neglecting the spirit and God the source of our healing. And I will most certainly check out your website. 🙂

  2. Becca
    June 9, 2015

    No problem 🙂 And, hey! I would LOVE to talk to you some more! Add me on skype (rebeccafrei13) or email me:

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