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How to Shop for Weight Loss

One the most enlightening experiences for my clients is creating the categorized grocery shopping list. During or before our session, I have my clients create a personal shopping list (without any help from me). Then we review the shopping list categorizing each item.

This is important because shopping allows you to have easy access to healthy foods. It makes choosing the right thing to eat easy and convenient. Why? because the right thing to eat is right in your fridge :).

So how do you ensure that you are buying the “right” thing to eat, especially with all the so called “healthy” foods in the supermarket? Well, try using the categorized shopping list method.

So here goes :). After my clients have created their shopping list, we work together to break down their list by placing each item under the categories listed in the table below.

shopping list

If most of your items on your grocery list are in the other category, then this is a tell-tell sign that you are not eating for weight loss. Foods in the other category includes: ketchup; mayo; Nutella; mac and cheese; lasagna; pies, candy, pop tarts, Raisin Bran, milk, spaghetti sauce, marshmallows, spray can cheese, crackers, so called health bars (Some are not so bad. Just make sure to read the ingredients.), and a host of other processed boxed foods.


This process is an eye opener. It is an opportunity to experience the magic of the AHA moment.  It is the chance for change-to make major improvements to your eating-or stay exactly where you are. As the elders call it, here is where the fork meets the road. No pun intended. (Get it! Fork! Weight Loss Journey! Road! LOL.  I am corny. I know, and on that note, I digress.) Here is where you have the golden opportunity to do a complete overhaul of your body and your health. It is here you have the choice to change what you are putting in your temple- in your physical temple (your house) in and in the temple where your soul and spirit resides (your body).

Remove an item from the other category, and replace it with a fruit, veggie, lean meat, or nuts/seeds.


Inspiring tip: The less food you have in the other category, the quicker you will lose the weight, and the easier it will be to maintain the weight loss. Make a goal to have zero items in the other category. It may seem tough but very doable 🙂

So here are some healthy shopping tips:

• Shop the perimeter of the store. The foods in the isles contain lots of chemicals, additives, preservatives and hidden sugars.  Avoid foods that have ingredients that you can not pronounce or that you do not recognize.
• Avoid or limit dairy products, except eggs. You can classify eggs as a meat. Isn’t it just chicken? HAHAHA
• Buy enough fresh fruit and veggies that you can eat in a week. If you see some of your fruits about to spoil, wash and freeze them. You can use them for smoothies.

Remember the closer you stick to the foods nature provides, the quicker you will lose the weight and the more healthier you will become.


For more details about what foods purchase, check out my video below.


I have been reading Oprah’s book What I Know for Sure, and I have been inspired to change my final thoughts and all my life lessons to began with this phrase.

With that being said:

What I know for sure is that

if you are not buying healthy foods

then you are not eating healthy foods. 

lou-radja-quote-the how becomes easy

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Live Well,

Pearlie McCall Perryman


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