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How to Tell Yourself NO and Support Yourself in Your Weight Loss Journey?

New-MindsetSome say incorporating small changes into one’s life is key to losing weight. I say the key is to THINK BIG!

Making a radical change in your mindset and telling yourself that I am going to do this no matter what is not a small feat.This mindset requires discipline, and discipline is no small change. Discipline breeds consistency. Discipline can be a challenge for people because it requires the following:

  1. The ability to be a disciple of yourself
  2. The ability to tell yourself no

The ability to be a disciple of yourself

disipline Being a disciple of yourself means being your biggest supporter. Putting yourself before the job, the kids, the tiredness, the I don’t feel like it, and the procrastination is necessary to lose weight and to be your absolute best. You have to support yourself in not eating the ice cream; not drinking the soda; not eating the pasta; or eating or not eating at all. You have to encourage yourself to getting up and going to the gym. You have to do what is best for you especially during times where their is no human companion because those times when there is just you and spirit will come. There may not always be someone there to do it with you, and in those moments you will have to rely on spirit.  Listen to it! It will always tell you the right thing to do (or God will send someone or something to help you but in part you must take those steps with God and God alone).  Then tell yourself- I can and I will, and then do it.  You will never regret doing it, but you will always regret not!

The ability to tell yourself No.

no stop signYou have to say no that is not good for me me irregardless of feelings of deprivations, cravings, fatigue, impulse, and instant gratification. Whenever you are faced with a decision that you know will not be good for your body, tell yourself NO!  You will know when that moment comes because it usually comes with a hesitation- a mental battle of doing the right thing or giving in to those feelings.

NO!  I will pass on that cupcake! Say, it out loud. It may feel silly, but do it anyway. Hearing is believing.  Just trust me on this!

NO! I will pass on that ________ !

NO, I will not let ____________ !

NO, I will __________________ !

  • NO!  I will pass on that pie!
  • NO!  I will pass on that bread!
  • NO!  I will pass on that pasta.
  • NO!  I will pass on those chips!
  • NO!  I will pass on that cup of coffee with all this cream and sugar!
  • NO! I will only eat food in which I can pronounce and recognize all the ingredients.
  • NO, I will not let fatigue beat me down.  I am stronger than my negative thoughts.
  • NO!  I will not watch TV for 4 hours of my day.  I will limit my daily time with the remote.
  • NO!  I will get up and work out.
  • NO!  I will not stop by a fast food restaurant just because I am tired. I will stop and get a healthy snack from the grocery store.
  • NO! I will consistently make the best decision for me.
  • Or simply say NO! It is a complete sentence.


This mindset is not a small change. It is a go big or go home attitude. Once you get here, your efforts will be easy and rewarding.         better me

Remember, be your biggest disciple. Tell yourself NO. Be led by your spirit-your God self. You are made in the image of God. You are limitless. Cultivate a mindset and a drive. Your truest and best self will emerge.

To start on this mindset journey, say this daily affirmation:

-Whatever my body needs, I will give in to it.

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