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How to See the Beauty in the Hardships of the Weight Loss Journey?

regret takes the place of dreamsYielding to deprivation, temporary hunger, and inconvenience begets regret, and regret begets suffering. Suffering is mental. It is a battle of the mind. (Pain is physical.)  You can free yourself of suffering by changing your thoughts. It is an uphill battle because forming new thoughts can be a challenge, but rest assured, it can be done.

With that being said, suffering has the potential to birth some of life’s most valuable lessons. Out of those lessons, new thoughts and revelations about life are born. It is in this space that a new lifestyle is conceived.

Dealing with the consequences of bad decisions is where hope lies. It is where you have the choice to get up and move forward in a positive direction based on righteous choices for your health, your body, and the world.

Can you relate to this?

You have driven through the drive thru after a long day’s work, and right after you have taken that last bite and that last sip, something inside of you says “ This is not helping me get to my goal” . What about when you were driving home from a party and you realize you had one too many drinks or one too many desserts and you say to yourself “This is not helping me reach my goal”. When you lay in your bed at night and you think to yourself, why can’t I detach from this (add your food choice, drink, or vice here)? It is when you feel the disappointment, the anger, and the regret, and being sick and tired of being sick and tired – in  the suffering,  you will find your strength. You will find a word inside of you that will encourage you to keep moving forward.  Listen to that voice, and embrace the message.  ACT on the message.

our contribution and our service

That voice-those new philosophies that are born in your heart- will prevent you from eating and buying things that poison your body, our communities, and our world regardless of how good it tastes or how easy it is to purchase. This is how your new mindset is birthed and your new lifestyle is formed. When your mind is making decisions from a place of what is best for your body (God’s gift to you.) and the world (God’s gift to us.), a healthy lifestyle will be born. Eating healthy becomes your new norm because your food choices are based from character, strength, and righteousness.  In this place, your mind can not make a decision to harm you or the world.  Of course, it is one moment at a time: one dinner party, one temptation to a slice of cheesecake; one invitation to a buffet; one lonely night; one bored and rainy day; one hungry drive from work; and one I don’t feel like cooking.  All these “one moments at a time”, you will have to overcome, but it will be easier when you listen to the voice and OBEY the new philosophies born in your heart.


….. and it all started from a lowly place-a place suffering. When you are rock bottom, there is no place to look and go but up. 🙂

So go for the climb and reach for the stars.

I hope the thought of that makes you smile especially if you are in that lowly place.

With Love First and Always,

Pearlie McCall Perryman

romans 5 3-5 _ suffering


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