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15 Must Have Spices For Weight Loss and Energy

I have learned that if food tastes good, then people will eat it-lots of it.  And healthy food should taste good, and they do! You just have to know how … Continue reading

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How Your Chiropractor can Help with Diabetes, Obesity, Weight Loss, and Other Conditions.

If you have diabetes and you are struggling to lose weight, there is a possibility that there may be problems with the nerves associated with your pancreas, islands of Langerhans, duodenum, adrenals and supra-rentals.A chiropractic health and wellness plan with your chiropractor can alleviate the problems of associated with these nerves and organs to help you continue to lose weight and better manage your diabetes.

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Weight, Change Your Life

In order to achieve any goal, especially a long term goal such as weight loss (and to maintain it), you must change the way you think.  You must learn to … Continue reading

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Use the Billionaires’ 20 Habits of Success to Lose Weight… Maybe you will become rich too. (Part 1)

Paul Bruson wrote and excellent article about the habits of two billionaires- Oprah and Enver Yucel.  If you don’t know Enver Yucel then it’s imperative that you google him. As … Continue reading

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Do you really love yourself? I Mean Really!?!?

If so, then you should be doing things on the right side of this checklist (listed below)?  How can you ever lose weight and/or achieve your health and life goals … Continue reading

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Rapid Weight Loss with these 3 Simple Tips

Invest in a pedometer. Exchange the fast food line for a trip inside of a grocery store. Snacks should be fruit/veggies and water.   1. Invest in a pedometer. A … Continue reading

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Vegan Peanut Butter & Grape Wrap REVIEW: DELICIOUS, QUICK, AND EASY

I was scrolling across the internet and ran across this recipe.  My husband and I are always looking for quick meals to try and for me the less cooking the … Continue reading

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